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01)- El Waha el Bahariya:
Bahariya Oasis (meaning the sea-oasis) is an Oasis in Egypt. It is the closest oasis to Cairo and the least technologically advanced. Located in Giza Province, it has an art museum and the main agricultural products are guavas, mangos, dates, and olives.

Eastern Desert

The Eastern Desert, also called the Arabian Desert, is the long strip of land between the Nile valley and the Red Sea. Similar in topography to the Sinai but on a larger scale, the northern part of this desert consist mainly of sedimentary formations, while towards the south, the mountains are volcanic or metamorphic in nature and mainly made of granite. The Eastern Desert is rich in minerals such as phosphate, manganese, tin, quartz, gold, emeralds and uranium to name only a few. The mountains reach their highest around Hurghada (Gabal Shayeb el Banat, 2187m, 7215 ft). 

Travel to Egypt

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